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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Amazing Benefits of Cat Tails Flowers

AmazingBenefitsof Cat Tails Flowers.  In this article we will present the Benefits of flowers cats. The scientific name of the plant cat tail is Acalypha hispida Burm with Euphorbiaceae classified. This plant comes from the West Indies. Plants around us are often seen cats usually planted as a home decoration.

Cats plant stand up straight. It has a round rod, branching simple and rough surface, greenish brown flowers. This plant has a single leaf with a long stalk rather alternate, oval leaves with a blunt base and a pointed tip while the serrated edge.
Well, now we will present the benefits Cat Tail. Cat tail plants possessed a considerable name in Java. Many people call the tail a cat, there are also calling monkeys, a dog leash in the Sunda plants, Wunga lancuran mine, longer participated in Bali, lofty in Maluku. This plant tastes sweet and soothing when drunk. Interest can stop bleeding or hemostatic and can also treat urinary laxative or diuretic. Leaves helpful for hemostatic cats.
Cat tail leaves can be used for the treatment of white patches on the skin due to lack of pigmentation, coughing up blood, Vitiligo, wounds, dysentery and spire.

The first benefits is to treat Vitiligo, grab a handful of fresh leaves and ½ cats ginger thumb, then wash thoroughly mashed, rubbed on the parts that have white patches and then wrapped with a clean cloth / bandage. Do these treatments on a regular basis.

Wounds bleed
Benefits to treat bleeding wounds, grab a handful of flowers, cats then wash thoroughly, mash until smooth and then apply on the wound, then wrap with a clean cloth.

Treat dysentery
Benefits cat's interest to treat dysentery. Take a sheet of 15-25 flowers, then boiled until boiling, then strain and drink boiled water flowers cats.

Treating inflammatory bowel
Benefits flowers to treat colitis. Take 25 grams of flowers, then wash thoroughly. The flowers boiled until the water boils. Then the cooking water is filtered.

Treating worms
Benefits flower to treat intestinal worms. Take about 20 grams of flowers, then boiled with boiling water, then strain and drink cool boiled water after this.

Bloody vomiting
Benefits flowers cats to treat bloody vomit. Wash flowers and cats to clean cats chew raw flowers mixed with white areca nut, if there are add ginger, leaves young bark, do SCARA periodically.

Benefits cat's seventh interest for dysentery, 15-25 strands of flower grab the cat's tail and wash until clean and then boiled with water. Then strain and drink when cool.

Inflammatory bowel disease
Benefits flowers to treat Inflammatory Bowel. Take about 15-25 strands of flower cats, then wash thoroughly and boiled.

Benefits flowers ninth cats to treat intestinal worms. Take about 15-25 strands of flower. Then boiled with water. After the last cold drink.

The next benefit is to treat leprosy. Take the cat tail leaves and wash them clean enough, add a little ginger, mash until smooth, then smeared on the body injured.
Enough already Benefits Cat Tails Flowers for our health, we may be able to understand and use these flowers well

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