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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Benefits of Vitamin D to your health

Benefits of Vitamin D to your health. When talking about food is closely related to vitamins. In the food we eat must contain vitamins. There are various vitamins that are usually contained in the food, such as vitamins A, B, C, D, E and others.
Levels of vitamins in each food is not the same, no dominant contains vitamin A, there is also the dominant vitamin C. Vitamin not only from food, can also be sourced from additional supplement. Below will review about vitamins that play an important role in bone namely vitamin D.

Vitamin D and Body Health
Vitamin D takes a dominant share in maintaining the freshness of the body, for example:

First, the body's vitamin D bones will remain strong, and the absorption of calcium in the body is more effective, prevent bone loss in adults, preventing bone diseases such as rickets.

Second, vitamin D can prevent colon anker, people with higher levels of vitamin D in the blood less likely to develop colon cancer risk in people with levels of vitamin D in the blood is low.

Third, with low levels of vitamin D are often owned by people who are overweight (obese). From this it can be concluded that people who were obese (had a lot of fat) levels of vitamin D were included in the body fat many are tied, thus taking a lot of vitamin D may help people lose weight.

Fourth, vitamin D when it is associated with the development and function of the brain, can reduce the symptoms of mild depression.

Fifth, the levels of vitamin D in the body can also affect the heart. People with low vitamin D levels greater risk of heart problems.
Sixth, was instrumental in forming strong teeth, and calcium absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.

Sources of Vitamin D
Vitamin D comes from food, especially food from green plants such as vegetables. Vegetable sources of vitamin D we can easily find, such as tomatoes, broccoli and so on. Vitamin D is also derived from animals, such as beef and fish, eggs. In addition to food-related vitamin D is also closely associated with the sun.

What is the relationship of vitamin D with sunlight?
Vitamin D is produced when sunlight touches our skin. It is the main source of vitamin D in the body. Our body contains provitamin D that can be active when the sun illuminated. In a quarter of an hour in the sunshine able to produce vitamin D in the body. With so does not need an allergy or avoid sunlight, as the sun or the shade under the sun light mediates changes in provitamin D to vitamin D is very good for bone growth. There was little we meet in the age of the children are deficient in vitamin D, this sort of netting because their parents took their children to play outdoors.

Benefits of Vitamin D
Many of the benefits of vitamin D, including vitamin D affects the body's health, such as preventing diarrhea. Helpful addition to preventing various diseases of vitamin D also support the growth of bones and teeth.

So, with the many benefits of vitamin D for health, let us meet the needs of vitamin D in our body. Not necessarily with expensive food intake, which contain vitamin D, to bask in the sun is able to mediate the fulfillment of vitamin D in our body. Vitamin D in the body is fulfilled, healthy bones, teeth and organs that require the intake of vitamin D will be fulfilled.

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