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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Health Benefits of the Boxwood Flowers

Health Benefits of the Boxwood Flowers . Canangium odoratum contains farnesol, bensoat acid, geraniol, safrole, eugenol, kadinen, gasoline acetate, linalool and pinene. All content is quite high, but it is very easy to evaporate.

Kenanga flower, often called Kenongo (Java) and has the Latin name Canangium odoratum bill is a plant of the family Annonaceae is a flower that has a very distinctive odor, and is usually known as the perfume tree, flower plants is thought to originate from Southeast Asia, including in Indonesia. Ylang flower is often used sow flowers and as a shade tree in the yard of the house or sidewalks. This flower is a wild plant that can grow up to 30 meters and can thrive in the area reaching heights of 1200 meters above sea level.

Most communities in Java are often used for ritual flower, blended with jasmine, roses and other flowers, soaked in water from seven wells, water immersion is called 'Water Flower Setaman' which is usually used for a shower for a new bride spray during the ceremony, used also when other ceremonies.

Flowers with a fragrant aroma and color is yellowish green with jasmine and magnolia flowers are beloved members of the royal family of the kingdom of the island of Java, in the interest of the nobility family used for material "ngadi salira" (body care). For use of fragrance with the scent of ylang show distinct softness to the wearer, DR. Martha Tyler said in essay entitled "East Women Beauty", Mrs. Fatmawati (wife of the first president of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno) ordinary wear ylang flowers are mixed with pandan leaves and mangkokan leaves are boiled with coconut oil as an ingredient to blacken and nourish hair.

In addition, ylang flower is also used by some people to make traditional medicine, which can treat a cough caused by bronchitis, shortness of breath medicine, and malaria. In addition, these flowers can also be used as material for the manufacture of herbal remedies for mothers who have just given birth.

Here are the benefits of ylang flower for treatment through traditional ingredients and how to make it:
Jamu Postnatal, Done birth mother needs something to restore the condition of his body. In ancient times when doctors and midwives are still very rare, the guguni or paraji often made of herbs to restore the condition of mother after delivery. The following ingredients are used: ylang flowers are young, pegatsih, wood Rapet, key pepet, jongrahab, turmeric, jalawe, and jakeling, Everything is finely pulverized (crushed), then brewed with hot water and filtered water, and herbs ready for consumption .

Treating Bronchitis, To treat bronchitis, prepare two ylang flowers, and boil with one cup of water and wait for it to boil until the remaining half cup. Wait until the water is cold, then the water is drunk regularly every morning and afternoon.

Drugs Shortness of Breath, to treat shortness of breath due to asthma or allergies. Prepare ½ + 1 ½ handheld ylang tbsp white sugar, and boil with one cup of hot water until the remaining ½ cup, then Filter the water and then be taken regularly every morning and evening.

Treating Malaria, To treat malaria, prepare 3 ylang flower is dried, then brewed with a glass of hot water, let cool, then the water is filtered and drunk regularly until healed.

Cananga Flowers (Canangium odoratum Baill) which has many benefits and the health benefits are very rarely found. So, for readers who have ylang flower tree so well cared for considering the benefits and usefulness are so many, I hope this article is helpful. Amen.

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