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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Benefits and Uses of Pagoda Flower

Benefits and Uses of Pagoda Flower  . Pagoda Flower which has a Latin name Clerodendrum japonicum and included in the family Verbenaceae is one of many types of ornamental plants are preferred, these plants are usually planted out in the garden-a garden, yard, or on the sidewalk outside the area. The characteristics of this plant are indicated by the height can reach 1-3 meters, Trunk full of fine hair, Single leaf, steamed, while the leaves are characterized by a wide oval shape, heart-shaped leaves of Basic, old leaves, can reach 30 cm in length, called Pagoda Flower because this plant resembles a pagoda shape or pyramid. Pagoda Flower contains chemical elements, such as: alkaloids, Potassium Salt, Substance Samak.

In addition to ornamental plants, flowers can also be used to cure a variety of diseases, including: Pagoda Flower root potent anti-inflammatory, laxative urine (diuretic), eliminating swelling, and destroy blood clots.

Pagoda Flower as the plants used to make traditional medicines, following a brief description of the plant Pagoda Flower and its use as a traditional medicine:
The nature and properties of the root, bitter, cool. Roots pagoda flower potent anti-inflammatory, laxative urine (diuretic), eliminating swelling, and destroy blood clots. The leaves taste sweet, sour, slightly brown, neutral in character. Leaves efficacious as anti-inflammatory and liquid pus. Flowers sweet, warm, floral efficacious as a sedative, as well as stop the bleeding (hemostatic).

Utilization Pagoda Flower:
A section that can be used for medicinal roots, flowers, and leaves, to the long-term storage, so that all three dried.

Roots, the roots can be used for the treatment of: back pain, rheumatic pain, -tuberculosis, lung (pulmonary TB) accompanied by coughing up blood, bleeding-piles (hemorrhoids), dysentery (dysentery), difficulty sleeping (insomnia), and bruising (bruises) because hit something hard.

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