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Friday, 7 August 2015

Wonderful Benefits of Cambodia (Frangipani) Flowers for Health and Beauty

Wonderful Benefits of Cambodia Flowers for Health and Beauty. It has the Latin name Plumeria rubra Frangipani Flower Acutifolia. These plants originating from Africa and tropical America. Cambodia has several types, some are small.

There Frangipani tree whose leaves are wide with a pointed tip. Frangipani flowers have different colors, ranging from white, yellow, red and pink, or a combination of these colors. Besides, handy as a yard ornament plant, Frangipani flowers can also be used as a traditional medicine to overcome a number of illnesses. Among them gonorrhea, swelling, warts, calluses, smoothes the skin and yaws.

In this article we will discuss the benefits of Cambodia Flowers Health and Beauty for more details. Parts of plants used as medicine are the roots, leaves, sap and bark.

(Plumeria acuminata) contains a compound similar to rubber, Amirin triterpenoids, lapel, kautscuk and resins. Oil contents consisting of citronella linallol, geraniol, fenetilalkohol, and farnesol. The following explanation is How to use it as a medicine.

Treats ulcers
Cambodia can also be used to treat ulcers. There are two ways, the first way to use the leaves of the Frangipani and coconut oil. Smeared with coconut oil, Frangipani flower is then placed on the affected body ulcer. Once dry, replace it with another leaf. The second way to use the Frangipani tree sap. Take Frangipani sap straight from the tree and applied to boils affected body.

Treating gonorrhea
Take 1 piece Frangipani tree roots and wash them thoroughly, then boiled in two cups of water to boil and the remaining 1 cup, Once a day.

Overcome Swelling Take the first shingle Frangipani tree bark and crushed into powder. Boil half a pot of boiling water. The water used to soak the swollen body parts if possible. If not, use it to compress.

Treating Pain cavities
To treat the teeth due to cavities very easily. Take a Frangipani tree sap using cotton, cotton is then used to pierce a hole in the tooth.

Removing warts
The same way as when it is used to remove moles. But to be vigilant because the sap, Cambodia sharper, so do not hit other parts of the body. Frangipani flowers, rich in vitamin E and emollient. In addition to drugs, Frangipani flowers can also be used for beauty, which for skin care. This gives the sensation of exotic flowers which moisturize, soften, and add nutrients and maintain skin elasticity.

It can enhance the beauty of a person's face, but can also interfere. If you have your moles can be removed with a Frangipani tree sap. Its use way, take shape Cambodia (denagn cotton), then refine on your moles. Do it continuously to make moles disappear.

Benefits of the Frangipani flowers include:
1. Stem
There kautscuk containing white sap, resins, compounds emitting triterpenoids, a type of rubber compound, and lapel. Special to the bark serves to reduce swelling and pain and cracking on the soles of the feet. Stems also contain plummeted compounds, IE compounds as toxic glycosides. Because it is a poison, can kill germs. Avoid the eye, because it can cause blindness.

2. Flowers
It Can be used as a tea to prevent arthritis or gout, relieve cough, reduce fever, smoothen out urine, hold fainted from the heat relieve dysentery stools and relieve constipation. And fragrant Frangipani flowers can be used as an insect repellent ingredient, soaps, and perfumes.

3. Sap
It Contains an antiseptic that can relieve itching between the toes caused by germs water and the like, there are usually minor injuries in the hands or cracked heels and feet. That is all explanation of the benefits of Cambodia Flowers for Health and Beauty, Hope can be helpful to the reader.

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