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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Facial treatment for healthy body purposes

Facial treatment for healthy body purposes . Our faces is the greatest treasure for our future. That’s why so many people going race to do surgery or any expensive treatment to get their extraordinary face in public society. Those kind of treatment precisely bring them a big risk eventually, like a skin cancer, under control acne and damage skin out-inside. You don’t need to expend you money for those risk treatment. Everything in your neighborhood is the extraordinary treatment. Besides your body, this treatment must support your healthy body too. Firstly, let’s go to your kitchen!

There is so many flavor that we can use for facial treatment. Onion is nature anti aging for wrinkled face mess. Onion can be drink directly with salt and lime, two times a day to help your faces skin remake and build anti cancer for your body. Besides, onion as a flavor will serve you poison killer from the ingredients you cook. Other is tomato, this fresh fruit vegetables that we already know full of vitamin C that help our body endurances. Don’t underestimate this small fruits, as onion did, tomato also can remake your face skin, since you eat this 1kg a day or at least 3 tomato a day. A cooked tomato could lost the advantages because the undercooked one is the best time to eat. Another face skin remake from your kitchen is the green vegetables. As everyone know, green vegetables is fiber food. Fiber food is always we need for expedite flowing food inside your body. Besides this advantages, fiber food from green vegetables bring us young durable pure medicine, absolutely, in purpose for our face skin. See! Only by open your refrigerator and kitchen, we can do a facial treatment and healthy body as bonus.

Food is use when we eat, how about do a facial treatment for healthy body purpose other than food? Absolutely, it can be done in mineral water? Yes, mineral water is other facial treatment that cheaper than flavor and vegetables. As everybody know, we have 75% water inside our body. You can imagine as a plant, how if they didn’t get any water, they become wrinkled. It happen in our body too if we didn’t get enough water, our body become wrinkled, indeed, our face skin also. Everyday we need at least 8 glass of water as 1,5 liters a day. It should be hard to drink those size of water, but if you do it gradually, it will done easily. Another, easiest way to get young durable medicine is smile. In ordinary smile, laugh or loudly laugh you can build your young age again. With smile or laugh, you just like massage your face skin inside and outside. When people smile, they serve themselves with joy mind and light for burden. People health depend on their mind, people got wrinkled depend on what they feel about their problems. That’s why in the hospital, the nurse and doctor did make the patient keep smile every time they meet. This habit cause happy feeling and make them forget their problems.

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