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Thursday, 13 August 2015

How to keep endure our healthy body

How to keep endure our healthy body. Whenever weather, you should keep endure your healthy body. Indeed, to endure your healthy you should prepare several fruits to eat regularly and do some exercise. But, is it enough to endure your healthy? Since we wake up, until we go to sleep again, we need do a regularly activities and avoid some food or activities also. As we always hear from our grandparents, “do walking in the morning to endure your healthy!”. Those advice isn’t fault at all, because in the morning, the air still going fresh from haze around. The air turn from CO2 to O2, do simultaneously every time the sun shining in the morning. Besides, when we woke up, the air in our room had fulfill with CO2, so we should open the windows to turn the air circulation. It just about the air in the morning, then how we do endure our healthy during walk in the morning? The answer is by heat up our “sleep” body muscle to turn in aware for begin the activity. Only by a simple walk, we can do a thousand heat up in our body muscle and body cell.

Still talking in the morning, after done the exercise air and muscle, now we turn to breakfast. Actually, not only for breakfast, but also for another meal time, we should avoid some particular flavor, like preservative flavoring in cooking ingredients. Although for some people, they still use this flavor, but for important reason, it should be stopped. Preservative flavoring ingredients will serve a damage organs gradually. It will continuing time by time damaging your particular organs and undetected before it going worst. It better to you use the nature flavor such as onion, salt, pepper, chili and others. Nature flavor usage is more healthy for our body, indeed, helps to endure it lasting.

As doing excercise, keep endure our healthy body have to done regularly. Another regularly things we can done to endure our body is keep drink mineral water 8 glasses or 1,5 liters a day. It won’t be hard if we done it regularly, little by little. As doing exercise, only get sunbathe for your back in regularly, will serve you freely D vitamin to keep your bone tough. Just another one simple regularly things to do for endure our keep healthy body is splash water on your face or take a bath 2 until3 times a day. This kind activity looks so simple, but it is give you alot advantages for your healthy. Endure our health isn’t about the weather, it is all about a will. All activity about is talking about simple activity in our life, but did it regularly will be so hard to do if there is no a will before. People who never thanksful about their healthy , will regret it when they should pay so expensive take medical cost. Then how to keep endure our healthy body, is the way how we could thanksful about our efforts to get them.

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