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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Benefits of Vitamin C for the Body

Benefits of Vitamin C for the Body. Vitamin C is a vitamin that can be dissolved in water. Vitamin C has a very important role to enhance the immune system, vitamin C this term refers to the ascorbic acid compound which is the form most commonly used. The basic function of vitamin C is a boost immunity and help the healing process, so that the body becomes more fit, in addition main function of vitamin C is an antioxidant, which neutralizes toxins in the body and free radicals in the blood and fluids of the body cells, with this vitamin C can prevent possible oxidation of LDL cholesterol and prevent blockage of blood vessels bias so it does not cause hypertension and heart disease.

Many people regard that the source of the highest vitamin C are oranges, but other than citrus fruit such as guava, lemon and kiwi also contains a lot of vitamin C. The best source of vitamin C is derived from fresh fruits, vegetables and juice. The content of vitamin C in half a cup (125 ml) orange juice about 50 mg. In addition to citrus fruits, you can get vitamin C from other sources such as kiwi fruit, strowberi, peppers, and brassica vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage.

Here is Explanation about the benefits of vitamin C:
Overcoming Flu, Vitamin C does not directly heal the Flu. However, M any consume vitamin C can accelerate the healing of the disease influenza poses.

Immune System, Vitamin C has an important role in keeping the immune system against infections caused by viruses, bacteria and free radicals.
As an antioxidant, Vitamin C as antioxidants, can improve the body's cells and skin tissue damaged by free radicals.

Eye disease, One of the most common eye disease is cataract. Routine vitamin C can help prevent every day cataract.

Skin Health, Vitamin C also plays an important role in beauty care in order to improve blood circulation, so that the skin feels fresh and comfortable view, because Vitamin C stimulates the formation of collagen in the skin and protect it from damage.
Another benefit for the skin include:
• Brighten the skin, making the skin healthy and glowing
• Protects skin from free radicals
• Pressing the likelihood of pigmentation due to the influence of UV-B
• Increase the synthetic collagen
• As an antioxidant

Cancer, Many of the researchers who claim that not a few women who consume a lot of vitamin C with regular good food from fruits or vegetables (not supplements), have a lower risk of breast cancer.

The symptoms of vitamin C deficiency is known by loss of appetite, muscle cramps, dry skin, hair branching, bleeding gums, anemia, infections, slow healing process.

While excess levels of vitamin C can be known with diarrhea and high stomach acid. if this happens the excess vitamin C in a long time, can cause pain or pain during urination because vitamin C is out in the form of crystals.

Vitamin C is very important for us, we should consume lots of vitamins, especially vitamin C, both produced from fruits or vegetables because fruits and vegetables contain lots of vitamin C. Similarly, an article about the benefits of vitamin C, may be add to our knowledge.

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