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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Benefits and efficacy of Shoes Flower

Benefits and efficacy of Shoes Flower. Have the Latin name hibiscus Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis L. And including shrub of the Malvaceae tribe. Hailing from Angola, hibiscus is now cultivated throughout the tropics and subtropics, especially in Sudan, Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, and China. Many hibiscus planted as an ornamental plant in tropical and subtropical regions. These plants have large flowers, red in color and no smell, the flowers of cultivars and hybrids can be a single flower (petal layer) or double flowers (petals layered) are white to yellowish, reddish Oren up.

North Africa has used hibiscus internally to support upper respiratory health, including throat throat and also used topically to support skin health.

In Europe, hibiscus has been used to support upper respiratory health, relieve occasional constipation, and increase proper circulation. It is generally used in combination with lemon balm and St. John's wort for anxiety and sometimes difficult to sleep.

In the area of Sumatra and Malaysia called Bunga Raya hibiscus, Javanese call this flower as flower worawari. On 28 July 1960 the interest was designated as the national flower of Malaysia state.

Approximately 15-30 percent of the plant consists of a hibiscus plant acids, including citric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid and aloe-hydroxycitric acid lactone, the hibiscus acid, which is unique for hibiscus.

It can be used as an ornamental plant, Shoes Flower can also be used to cure various diseases, That is:
•  Shoes Flower for drug whitish
Provide 15 gr. Hibiscus is still fresh, 15 gr. Cock's comb, 30 gr. Fresh pomegranate skin, wash thoroughly, then boiled all the ingredients with a water volume of 500 ml. Until the water is reduced to 200 ml. Then filtered and take water, drinking water is routinely concoction twice a day until healed.

•  Shoes Flower to launch menstrual
Provide 3 hibiscus blossoms, fresh, wash thoroughly, then mash until smooth, add to 150 ml of boiled water, a fan of white rice vinegar to taste, then mix well, Strain and take the water, drink the potion of water 3 times a day to drink 100 ml.

•  Shoes Flower for cough slimy and bloody
Provide 2 shoe flowers are still fresh, the flowers knead, then brewed using 400 ml of boiling water, cover and let sit overnight, strain and take the water the next day, Add the honey to taste to taste, drink the potion regularly every morning before eating, to cough cure.

• Shoes Flower to treat inflammation of the airways
2 Provide fresh Shoes Flower, then washed thoroughly, mash until smooth, add 100 ml of water, then add a little salt, mix well, squeeze and take water, drinking potions routine 2 times a day.

• Shoes Flower to treat malarial fever s
50 ounces of hibiscus leaves, half a papaya leaves, 10 grams of salt English, the material is boiled with half a liter of water waiting to boil water, strain and take the water, drink potions while still warm.

Similarly, an article about the benefits and efficacy of Shoes Flower, hopefully this article can be helpful for the reader, do not hesitate to take advantage of anything that comes from nature because God created all things there must be benefits contained therein, while we know how the processing and properties of plants which had made for us all, why do not we take advantage of as well as a sign of our gratitude to God for mercy and give pleasure to all of us.

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