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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Keep our eyes brightly

Keep our eyes brightly. Eyes is important part in our body as the primary sense. Through the eyes, we can observe everything and enjoy the atmosphere in our neighbourhood. That’s why we need to keep our eyes health. Without our awareness to keep our healthy eyes, there must be some disease into our eyes. Some of the eyes disease like myopia, hypermetropia, presbyiopia, colorblind, and blind. Don’t be so worry about those kind of disease if we regularly keep our eyes healthy by notice everything we should do or not for our eyes.

Several ways to keep our healthy eyes, such as do observe about our family member history in eyes disease. Ask to the whole family member, also from the grandparents. It could measure, how much percentage you could got those kind of disease. Other, keep measure the distance view for everything you read and you see. You have to know that ideal distance to watch TV is 50-100 cm and read book or laptop should in 30 cm. Keep aware to read book and watch TV when the main lamp is on. It will avoid your matrix retina stay in normal position, not to heavy work. Still about retina work, don’t scratch your eyes too often when your eyes going itchiness. You don’t know which is your eyes full of bactery overall, then make your eyes going to irritate. Surely, when your eyes going to heavy awake, just go to sleep and give your eyes rest. Your reading activity and working in front of the computer will make your eyes tired and sold to get close some minutes for rest time. If you ever doing this, don’t push your eyes keep awake, it will irritate your us.

Looks around with your bright eyes will be joyful. So, make sure that you have brought a glass to avoid everything go into your eyes, while you ride, go exercise and other. Avoid your eyes by a glass from an accident and the dust. Indeed, after covering your eyes from the outside, you should protect it from the inside by eating food with A vitamin inside. Not only carrot which is having A vitamin inside, but also tomato and papaya indeed. Another A vitamin coming from some vegetables too. That's why, there is no expensive way to keep your eyes brightly ever.

Probably, we have done all of this notice and keep consuming A vitamin food, still we have to go to the doctor. Check your eyes not only when it's gone bad, but as regular schedule to avoid unpredictable disease that might happen to our eyes. Regular eye check up usually held once in 3 months. There are several steps to check the whole condition of your eyes. That’s why you need to give a particular time for a check up your eyes to the doctor. Avoiding the expensive medicine better than losing your eyesight forever. Once in 3 months willbe easy if wehave a will to keep our eyes brightly.

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